Dip spinning

The dip spinning process is used for the cost-effective coating of bulk materials with a zinc flake layer.

During dip spinning the small components that are to be coated are dipped into the immersion bath. Then the excess material is spun-off in a drum. The wet film is dried and cured (baked). Depending on the required degree of protection, a further protective layer is applied.

Zinc flake coatings are free of chromium (VI). Specially developed combination layers are used to achieve good non-stick properties and optimise sliding properties. Zinc flake coatings are primarily used in the automotive industry as well as for applications where excellent corrosion protection is to be combined with other functional and decorative properties.

Delta MKSDelta MKS«
- Powerful corrosion protection with zinc flakes

- Multifunction solid lubricant

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A coating that provides improved nonstick properties and low friction values 
Easy cleaning without cleaning agents and cloths thanks to nonstick coating 
Corrosion protection coating with very good barrier protection for warm, humid environments 
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