Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is a coating process whereby, in most cases, a powdery or a wire-shaped coating material with high thermal energy is spun onto a component surface where it creates a layer.

There are a number of different process variations, for example plasma spraying, high-speed flame spraying or arc spraying, which are used for processing a broad range of materials such as metals, ceramics and polymers into functional coatings. Layer thicknesses range from approx. 30 m to several millimetres.

Thermal spraying is used in particular for wear-resistant combination layers, where an extreme surface hardness is to be combined with non-stick and sliding properties or enhanced traction properties.

- Functional wear protection

- Non-porous armor coat

- Wear-resistant combination coatings

- Extraordinary wear protection

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Corrosion protection coating with very good barrier protection for warm, humid environments 
A coating that provides improved nonstick properties and low friction values 
Easy cleaning without cleaning agents and cloths thanks to nonstick coating 
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